Cornwall artist, Dean, is an abstract expressionist who currently works in acrylics and alcohol inks. As an artist, Dean’s sense of colour and perspective has always been strong, painting how he feels in that moment and always immersing himself in music while he paints.

“I started painting at a young age, but was only ever really moved by expressionism and abstract art. I admire the work of many artists, from Picasso to Jackson Pollock and more recently, Bob Dylan. I'm generally influenced by the colour and sound of my environment. In many ways, abstract expressionism is akin to poetry and should connect with the viewer on an emotional level. I often paint using only my hands and acknowledge that this allows an intimate, almost sensual bond between myself and the canvas. For me, every painting is born out of a catharsis. Working on some pieces has literally left me emotionally exhausted" Dean.

Dean’s work sells throughout the United Kingdom, as well as in the Republic of Ireland and the USA. His work can also be found in the private collections of some of the UK and Ireland’s sporting and music celebrities.

Dean regularly undertakes commissions (Please contact him directly for details)


To discuss individual works or to arrange a consultation to discuss commissions please contact Dean on the contact form below. Alternately, he can be contacted at deanabstractartist@gmail.com

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